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Learn   -   Practise   -   Assess   -   Support

  • Lessons are taught at the students' location - in and around Haarlem (incl. Amsterdam & Zandvoort).

  • Classes are 60 minutes long.

  • The fee per Lesson is €36. You are billed per month. Payable in advance.

  • Lesson materials are included.

  • Notice of less than 24hrs is billed, considering that I follow a travel schedule.

When you decide you would like to take lessons with me, your first step is to contact me.

I will ask you about your availability - days and times, as well as your postcode (I will not require your address for privacy issues until a lesson has been scheduled). It is a good idea to think about these points before making contact.

You will then complete the Student Registration Form online to gather details to ensure I plan your lessons accordingly.

I will visit you at your address at the agreed weekly lesson time.


After the first Lesson, you will receive an invoice via email for the month and a payment request via WhatsApp for convenience.

When taking Lessons with me, you get the following:


  • Weekly planned lessons based on your previous class and your goal.

Every 60min Lesson has a Warm Up phase, an Orientation phase, a New Knowledge phase, a Practise Phase and an Assessment Phase.

I do NOT just show up and "show you some cool things". 

  • An email after every Lesson with precise homework and an overview of your progress and current development status.

  • An online Student Portal where you can sync your calendar, log your practice time, view your lesson attendance, download the songs you are working on in your lessons and view your progress.

  • The opportunity to take internationally recognised exams.

  • Highly qualified and experienced teacher

I take the growth and development of my students very seriously and expect them to do the same.

Every effort is made to source and/or create the highest quality lesson materials and research the most current learning theories and pedagogical approaches to teaching music.

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