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Learning Map

Electric - Acoustic - Classical - Bass - Ukulele

Guitar transparent.png

Each topic is divided into eight Grades and grouped into three phases: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. In addition, a Debut Grade is also available for younger learners.

You could have different goals than learning all aspects or be at various stages of development in these areas. But, for the most part, this is what is involved and required to learn an instrument. These areas can also be balanced for more experienced players to become more well-rounded as musicians.

This is a structured and prudent way to ensure maximal development. It also gives you a clear idea of where you are in your current development.

You can either follow the Grades guidelines informally or be formally examined to earn an internationally recognised qualification.


The course of action depends entirely on your goals, and following the Grades is not the only course of action. Planning can tailor your learning to achieve precisely what you want. Setting and discussing your goals are encouraged and ensure you get what you hope for from your learning experience.

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