The Student

  1. Goal / Reason / Motivation

  2. Decent Quality Guitar and New Strings At Least Every 6 Months

  3. Short Fingernails

  4. Weekly Classes, With Good Attendance

  5. Daily Practise

    • Beginner: 30 mins per day

    • Intermediate: 80 mins per day

    • Advanced: 140 mins per day 

  6. ​Progress - No longer than 6 weeks to complete a song

  7. Timely Invoice Payment (€33 per lesson, billed monthly)

  8. Use Of Student Portal (Optional)

I take the growth and development of my students very seriously and expect them to do the same.

Every effort is made to source and create the highest quality lessons materials and research the most current learning theories and pedagogical approaches to teaching music.

Along with this, I put 32 years of playing - and16 years of teaching experience into planning and preparing each of your lessons.


Together we will reach any goal you set yourself.

What I Require ...