Guitar Tutoring For All Ages And All Levels

When words fail, music speaks. However, learning how to play guitar chords like Jimmy Page or Jeff Beck, isn’t easy. As well as a commitment to practice, guitar lessons need to be individually structured around your passion and ability.


With 29 years playing and 15 years teaching experience, I’m here to give you the personalized attention you deserve. My private guitar lessons are taught in the comfort of your home, and are suitable for people of all ages and ability levels.

Hands on Guitar Strings


Making Learning More Enjoyable

Teacher Giving Guitar Lessons

Learn basic guitar chords and playing styles. Beginner guitar lessons are suitable for anyone with a basic interest in the guitar. Lessons are are tailored to your specific learning style. In every case, I make learning how to play guitar chords fun and genuinely engaging, thanks to the inclusion of several out-of-the-box activities.

If you have already conquered basic guitar chords, intermediate private guitar lessons will help explore your passion further. Hands-on playing paired with my guidance will equip you with the skills you need to pursue serious musical ambitions.  

Let’s face the music. If you are an advanced player or have taught yourself how to play the guitar, it can be difficult to find a course which makes the most of your existing abilities. My tailor-made private guitar lessons address this problem. I benchmark your ability,then we work together to fine-tune your talents, before progressing into new avenues.



Personalized. Comprehensive. Fun.

The guitar student receives one lesson every week at their location or via an online remote platform such as Skype.

Weekly lessons are required to make continued progress through new stimulation and prevent regression due to forming bad habits.

All lesson materials are included, but the guitar student needs his/her own Guitar as well as at least 20 minutes every day for practice.

Lessons are charged at €32 per lesson for the Student's location or €22 per lesson for online lessons and last for 60 minutes, billed on a pre-paid monthly basis.  An invoice is sent to your email with a description of services and payment request link is also sent via WhatsApp for ease of payment.

Notes Book

Each student (and parent) gets access to their own online portal, where they can download materials, view payments and invoices as well as schedule or re-schedule lessons.

Your Tutor

A Natural Instructor

Teacher Giving Guitar Lessons

Werner Bonthuys, a guitar player since 1992 and a teacher since 2005.

As a passionate performer, composer and teacher, I’ve been offering public and private guitar lessons since 2005. I have performed on stages across the world in both original and cover projects. In my capacity as a session guitarist, I have been published internationally on seventeen albums. My original compositions for various advertising companies can be heard on TV, Film, and Radio.

My guitar lessons equip students with foundation techniques required to progress into professional playing and higher education. Each also help build all-important self-confidence and interest music as an art form.





I’m here to make the learning process easier and more enjoyable for you. Contact me to see how my services can help!

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Frequently asked questions

Do you have specific Teaching Qualifications?

Apart from completing a Master's Dissertation for a Teaching Fellowship at Trinity, I also hold a Level 5 Teaching Diploma.

How much teaching experience do you have?

I have been teaching formally since 2005 at three High Schools, preparing learners for formal exams.
This also includes casual students as well as school and university level music students.

What ages do you teach?

I am comfortable with and have experience in teaching all ages.

How much do you charge?

Lessons are charged at €30 per hour. This includes my travel and the venues hire (should it be necessary).

Where do you teach your lessons?

I teach either at your location (like a home, office or school), or I use Music Rehearsal Venues at your closest location.
These include venues like Q-Factory in Amsterdam or The Patronaat's Slachthuis in Haarlem.
I also have partnerships with other venues to provide my clients with more options.

What do I need to bring to a lesson?

For the first lesson you need only your Guitar.
Thereafter, apaart from your Guitar, you will need your notes and I recommend always having your Guitar Tuner and Metronome handy (There are several free mobile apps for this).

What level do I need to be to take lessons?

I teach anybody from complete beginners to advanced musicians. So, everybody is welcome.

Can I obtain a qualification from lessons?


Despite being highly motivational, it is also nice to have something to show for your efforts. I work with all the major exam boards to prepare for and facilitate music exams at all levels.

Do I have a choice of what I want to learn?

It's all about what you want to learn. I will provide guidance and support if you are unsure, but your enjoyment is very important.

What is your cancellation policy?

I prefer cancellation 24 hours before the lesson. This gives me time to cancel a venue (if booked) or schedule another lesson in that time slot.
If a venue booking has been lost due to late cancellation, I require payment for the venue.

Do you cater for students with special needs?

I have taught students with visual impairments, as well as anxiety and mood disorders. I enjoy finding ways to get music to anybody who is interested in learning it and I make it my personal mission to help special needs students experience it as well. Where I feel a specialist is needed, I will work with the student to help facilitate it.

What payment methods do you offer?

Payments are accepted via Cash, Card (secured) or Bank Transfer.