Werner Bonthuys

M.Tech (ICT), B.Mus, B.A. Hons. Ed (Mus), Dip.Psych (Ed)

I specialise in teaching students in the Concrete Operational (7 - 11 years) and Formal Operational (12+ years) stages of their cognitive development.

Through study and experience, I have found the best results from:


Behaviourism to establish habits and physical movement, 

Cognitivism to process and store information, and 

Constructivism to fully understand and assimilate music.


Every student is unique, with a different stage and type of development. So, planning and foresight are required to teach effective lessons that benefit the growth of each student. 

Apart from my teaching approach and training, I bring 16 years of teaching - and 32 years of playing experience to every lesson.